There is to be a clampdown on charities that sell or swap lists of their donors to be canvassed by others, particularly if they have not had clear permission from their donors to sell their names on.

The move comes as concern grows that vulnerable people are being aggressively targeted in this way. One 87 year-old with dementia had his name passed on to nearly 200 organisations, some of which were scam operators who conned him out of £35,000. (Daily Mail) List sharing by charities is another way that names can get into the wrong hands.

These aspects are making people think twice about giving money to charity in ways that mean their names and personal details are recorded, such as by post, or on websites that can be hacked into.

Charities can rent mailing lists of donors for one-time use for as little as £50/1,000 or 5 pence per name, with an average market price being £150/1,000 or 15 pence per name. Discounts are available for multiple use and outright purchase is often available.

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