o Some pocket-friendly hotels in the USA are showering guests with freebies, according to the International New York Times.

Keep-fitters are catered for at the £100 a night B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with free yoga and zumba classes, while the keep-fatters are kept happy at the four New York boutique hotels in the £130 a night Library collection with free breakfast, wine and cheese reception, afternoon tea, coffee, cookies, fruit and bottled water, along with a free pass to any New York Sports Club for those who want to work it all off. All also offer free Wi-fi.

And at the £110 a night Attwater Hotel in Newport, R.I. there’s a free all-day service of breakfast scones as well as free iPads in the rooms.

o Meanwhile one freebie a female Travelodge guest at their Oxford Wheatley hotel didn’t appreciate being showered with was the camera hidden behind a bathroom ceiling vent and pointing into her shower.

Harmony Hachey, 23, photographed the camera in the vent for proof and then alerted staff, who traced a USB cable from the camera to the caretaker’s closet in the main hallway,. Although the device did not appear to be working the police were called to investigate. Hachey has since been told by Travelodge that the privacy of their customers is “a matter of the highest importance” to them and that the camera was there for “maintenance”.

Found any maintenance cameras in your hotel bathrooms recently?

o The Holiday Inn in Hull is reviewing its policy after a 22-year old Romanian graduate was refused a hotel room she’d booked online, on suspicion of being a prostitute.

Alecsandra Puflea complained to the Humberside Police after she was reportedly told by the Holiday Inn receptionist “I’m sorry, but we don’t accept Romanians” The hotel had begun screening female guests, claiming that some Romanian women had been using the rooms for illegal sexual purposes. Ms Puflea, a graduate in criminology told the media “I was very embarrassed. Not all Romanians are prostitutes, it is a very small percentage”

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