Organisers wanting to get their delegates doing something physical, or cerebral, for purposes of serious team-building or just serious fun have a number of options we explored on our recent press trip to the Belgian capital, courtesy of visitbrussels.

o Action Team Training have a large number of activities that can fill a half or whole day and which present problems that can only be solved, or an obstacle course that can only be completed, if delegates work together. Some have to be explored in the dark, some with half of the team blindfolded but most will get the brain cells, and the adrenalin going. [email protected]


o Urban Gaming sets up trails across cities with quiz questions that have to be answered before teams can move on, and all recorded on a tablet that turns a city into a participative board game. Delegates can learn about the city as they play, and stops at suitable eating/drinking holes for refreshment can be built in for extra appeal (We paused for some deep thought at the well-known Delerium Tap House, with hundreds of brews on offer) [email protected]


o Laurent Gerbaud is an artisan Belgian chocolate manufacturer who runs chocolate-making courses for groups. Delegates don protective plastic and, after an instructive introduction to the art of the chocolatier, are given a chance to decorate their own favourites as the chocolate is cooling in the mould using selections of ingredients to give sweet, sour and savoury flavours (our personal favourite was very tart dried gooseberries) before chilling their creations to take home [email protected]

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