A new venue review site for London venues, Eventopedia, has been launched.

Unlike Tripadvisor those event organisers posting reviews have to identify themselves, so the site should not degenerate into venues posting positive reviews of themselves or fake negative reviews of competitors properties.

Not to be confused with Event-o-Pedia, the free encyclopaedia of events.

In the SEO’s ongoing survey of venue criteria important to organisers none of those from the charity sector rated the opinions of other organisers as “vitally important” or “important” as a consideration when choosing a venue, though a few rated them “a possible consideration” and the same number as “no consideration”. A lot more association organisers felt that the opinions of others were “possibly a consideration” with the same number scoring this criteria as “important”. Those from the corporate sector were less enthusiastic about the opinions of others with 40% of responders judging them “an important consideration”, 20% as “a possible consideration” and 40% as “no consideration”.

No organisers from any sector felt the opinions of other organisers about venues were vital to their own choosing of them.

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