News that mild-mannered and softly-spoken Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended by the BBC from its popular Top Gear shows for allegedly punching a producer in a North Yorks hotel for not having his dinner ready on time has polarised those who care deeply about such things.

Some claim that Clarkson is a good reason to pay the BBCs overpriced and redundant TV licence fee whereas others cite him as the best reason not to, though Jonathan Ross may well be close too.

Fans however can be comforted by the fact that the cherished presenter’s DVDs are such good value for their money at second-hand store group CEX, with his seminal opus Unleashed on Cars going for just £1.50, the Best of Jeremy 3-disc box set Collection a snip for only a quid, the highly-regarded Motorsport Madness and Top 100 Cars chopped out for 50 pence and 25 pence respectively, the blockbuster No Limits a steal at 20 pence and the utterly gripping Motorsport Mayhem and Hot Metal a total give away at 10 pence each, in boxes that cost more than that.

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