World Animal Protection have launched a campaign to end bear baiting in Pakistan.

This illegal entertainment involves tethering a bear that has had its teeth and claws removed to render it helpless, and having it attacked by trained fighting dogs. Like illegal dog fighting and illegal fox and stag hunting in the UK, and legal bull fighting in Spain the point of it is for those who optimistically classify themselves as human beings to take pleasure from something being hurt and/or killed.

In the UK politicians of questionable humanity and fitness to lead who support animal suffering for fun can now be identified from a new website set up by Animal Aid. This details the records of politicians on such issues as hunting and circus animals, as well as vivisection, slaughterhouse practices and the badger cull.

It is well known that a very high proportion of violent criminals have a predisposition to cruelty to animals in their makeup, and related offences on their criminal record.

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