Poor Tesco seem to be missing their former chief executive Sir Terry Leahy rather badly since he left in 2011, judging by current woes that include departures of very senior directors, a twelve month, 60% plummet in share prices from £3.70 to £1.70 and a gaping £250 million black hole in the accounts, due, some say to an aggressive stance by Tesco that goes back to at least 2004.

Sir Terry, by contrast is doing rather well and is sharing his management expertise with others at some evening business seminars run by the London Evening Standard.

The November offering is entitled “How to innovate and take your business to the next level” and will doubtless have Tesco executives, those still there, queueing for tickets. Rumours, however that Sir Terry’s future subjects will be “How to retain top staff”, “Keeping your share price climbing” and “Getting out of a black hole” should be treated as mischievous.

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