Organisers may wish to review how they cater for vegetarians and vegans at their events.

A recent survey by research firm Mintel indicates that 12% of adults now follow vegetarian/vegan diets, and that 12% of all new food and drink products launched in the UK this year carry the description “suitable for vegetarians” compared with 6% five years ago.

The 12% percentage of the population figure can alter with age, gender, geographical location and economic situation. It rises, up to 20%, among 20-24 year-olds, and lowers among males. The well-off from Sussex and Surrey are more likely to be vegetarian/vegan than those on minimum wage in Scotland.

A growing phenomenon is the increasing number who regard themselves as vegetarian but still eat fish, red meat avoiders on health grounds and “flexitarians” who have cut back significantly on the amount of meat they eat as well as strict vegetarians who still enjoy their Christmas turkey with a nut-roast.

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