Fascinating to read, in Max Clifford’s book READ ALL ABOUT IT, (Virgin Books 2005) how the celeb’s publicist was so proud of his part in exposing paedophile rock star Gary Glitter, real name Paul Gadd. Apparently Clifford “punched the air in triumph” when Gadd went down for four months in 1999 for possession of child abuse images, though on a charge of actual child abuse after ingratiating himself with the child’s parents he was acquitted when it came out that the victim of the alleged abuse had sold her story, through Clifford, to the now-defunct News of the World, thus tainting her testimony.

As readers will know Clifford is now serving eight years for, er, a series of sex assaults on girls and young women, in one case reportedly going to a young girl’s house and ingratiating himself with her parents, before taking her out in a car and molesting her, so his published view on Gadd’s downfall in 1999, as he punched the air in triumph, make most interesting reading.

“It meant he was known for the vile sick person he is and that wherever he went parents would watch out for him”.

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