Those marketeers looking for a very useful business gift for clients could consider the Water-to-Go bottle.

This is a 75cl re-usable plastic bottle developed for NASA that has a built-in filter which removes 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, chemicals including chlorine, heavy metals and water-borne diseases, giving 75cl of pure filtered water from any water source, excluding salt water. Each filter will cleanse around 200 litres for a cost of around 3-4 pence per litre.

Some users, noting the exploitative £12 a litre for bottled water charged by airside airport shops and airlines, are filling their bottles in the airside washrooms and saving themselves £9 a fill-up. Travellers not wanting to get nasty tummy bugs, or worse on their travels will also find it useful.

The full retail price of the bottles is £24.95 and for quantities over 250 they can be printed in up to eight colours on the silicone sleeve for a total price of £10 per bottle.

Tel 01582 841412

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