It is uplifting to note the support of our likeable princes William and Harry for the eradication of the killing of elephant, rhino and tiger for their tusks, horn and body parts, highly prized for trinkets and quack medicine in Asian markets.

The foul and incredibly profitable £6 billion trade has seen the number of elephants decline from 1.3 million to 400,000 in the last 35 years, (with 30,000 a year currently being slaughtered) the number of rhino, killed for the supposed aphrodisiac qualities of their horn, down to 29,000 and the number of tiger down to just 3,500. The profits attract those raising funds for terrorism, so it’s more than overdue for smashing.

“Let’s Unite for Wildlife” deserves to succeed, and the valued support of our popular young Royals gives the animal welfare and conservation charities a good chance that it will.

Perhaps that is why many, but not all are turning a Nelson’s eye to what can be considered an unsavoury aspect of William and Harry and that is their continued support and enthusiasm for senselessly dispatching other forms of wildlife, since a few days before the launch of “Let’s Unite for Wildlife” William and Harry were over in Spain shooting lots of it, just for pleasure it seems.

Has no-one has asked them, or their advisors, if they are aware that looking insincere and/or hypocritical can undermine a lot of their good image and good works? And has no-one asked them the more fundamental question, “Where’s the pleasure in killing things?”

Where indeed?

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