Sad to note that top fashion and toiletries firm French Connection UK, which trades with a hilarious and sophisticated abbreviation of its name, seemed to have some marketing problems with The Urban Duo box set of hair and body wash and body spray developed exclusively for retailer Boots.

Pre-Christmas this was on sale for £8 in one of our local Boots stores, and sold so well that in the new year it was first offered at 50% off, then at 70% off, with the store having hundreds to move at the £2.40 price.

We say sad because it was such good value at £2.40 that the writer bought five of them, around 12 months  supply, after discovering that they were actually  good products, with some wake-up citrus, amber and musk notes. So could it be that the bad-taste joke is wearing a bit thin, or that Boots customers are the wrong market?

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