One bus company CEO who needs to be concerned about the negative image of his company some, though certainly not all, of his drivers are projecting is Peter Harvey of Centrebus.

At a driver changeover on one of their Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire services in very cold weather in late November a pensioner was seen politely asking, twice, if he could board the rather warmer bus while the two drivers were chatting as Peter Harvey’s passengers shivered in the freezing temperatures. This was perhaps something that Centrbus never allow as the original driver told the pensioner “No problem” and reached up and shut the door in his face.

Question is, if some Centrebus drivers hate the general public – and similar tales of bad treatment regularly circulate amongst Centrebus passengers – why are they doing a job that entails dealing with them? Unless of course the bad treatment is part of the job satisfaction?

(Note. A copy of this piece, along with identifying details of the incident, has been sent to Peter Harvey for any comments, which we will be happy to publish.)

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