The positioning of talented singer Miley Cyrus as the latest musical sex object by her marketeers is seriously ill-advised.

For those who have missed some of her pornographic contortions the pretty and formerly wholesome Disney pop princess has specialised of late in what is called “shaking the tail feathers” in some cultures, and “butt-strutting” or “twerking in others, that is “dancing to pop music in a sexually provocative manner involving the rhythmic gyration of the lower fleshy extremities” and probably not the kind of thing Bruce Forsyth will be introducing any day soon on Strictly Come Dancing.

It will be interesting to see if, when Cyrus grows up a little more she regrets agreeing to this short term strategy. And let’s all pray that no unfortunate wardrobe malfunction occurs during one of her lively performances and sends an image of a very private part viral. Or could that be the next silly stunt?

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