Some supporters of catholic charity Cafod are calling for the head of its 7-strong PR team, Damien McBride to be sacked.

McBride, who joined Cafod in April 2011, was previously Gordon Brown’s charisma consultant and has recently had a book about his time in the grubby world of political PR, Power Trip, published. In this McBride, unfairly dubbed McPoison, reveals tactics he used on behalf of his employer to rout the upright Mr Brown’s enemies, including smear campaigns.

Understandably enough Cafod do not want to be too closely associated with such un-Christian behaviour and, although happy to employ McBride, have ungratefully turned down his offer to give them some of the royalties from his dishing the dirt.

Rumours that McBride has now offered the dosh to the charity run by Gordo’s best buddy, the born-again Tony Blair, remain unsubstantiated.

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