News that pub-group J.D Wetherspoon have just secured council and police approval for a £2 million pub and restaurant at Junction 2 on the M40 has been met with dismay by drink-driving campaigners, who are describing as ” a disaster waiting to happen”.

Alcohol will be available from 8.00am to 1.00am, seven days a week, and Wetherspoon chairman and respected marketeer Tim Martin has responded to the criticism by pointing out the alcohol is available from service station supermarkets, and that anyway he is catering for the non-drivers stopping for food and drink. Cartoonists have depicted drinkers at Wetherspoons asking “One for the extremely dangerous, fast road?

Our view? Martin could score some brilliant PR for a tiny loss of profits, or even none, if he responsibly turned his venture into the first teetotal pub in the World, only serving food, soft drinks and extra-strong coffee, all having high profit margins and all completely safe for motorists.

Go for it, Tim……….

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