Marketing Matters Mar/Apr 2013 ISSUE 31

DAVY PULLS IT OFF Good to see that David Cameron’s controversial choice of highly-paid lobbyist Lord Hill as leader of the House of Lords has been so roundly vindicated….

HEDGEHOG YOU CAN TRUST Arguably one of the reputations most damaged by the horsemeat affair is that of retailer Iceland, which uses the advertising claim….

BOBBIES ON A BUNG Police forces have been caught selling confidential details of road accident victims to insurance companies, claims management companies….

PORKY POLL Politicians still languish at the bottom of the table of trustworthiness, with only 18% of us trusting our elected representatives not to tell porkies….

TRUST THE ONES IN WIGS? Meanwhile the legal ombudsman has put a shot across the bows of solicitors trying to market themselves by revealing that a legal firm….

ETHISCORES Ethical Consumer magazine has published ratings for ethical behaviour for seven supermarkets, based on the firm’s impact on the environment….

BT HOLD US TO RANSOM BT, a firm which makes considerable profits from billions of unwanted telephone sales calls now wants to fill its boots stopping some of them….

JUNK FOOD SURVEY Manchester is the worst place to live if one is trying to lose weight, according to Weightwatchers….

STOP THE SALES PITCHES Have you ever been to a seminar or session at an exhibition or conference that was promoted as an educational opportunity but turned….

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