Supermarkets are now selling smaller packs for the same price, or more, in the quest for profits, according to Which? the consumer’s association.

Examples given were:

  • Morrisons.
    Branston Smooth Pickle. Was 405g for £1.47. Now 360g for £1.54.
    Cheerios Crunchers. Was 375g for £2.09. Now 360g for £2.09
    Streamline reduced sugar blackcurrant jam. Was 454g for £1.69. Now 400g for £1.69.
    Ambrosia Creamed Semolina. Was 425g for 86 pence. Now 400g for 86 pence
  • Sainsbury’s.
    Fox Malted Milk Creams. Was 200g for £1.09. Now 160g for £1.19 .
    Dairylea Cheese Spread. Was 200g for 99 pence. Now 160g for 99 pence.
    Birds Eye Crispy Chicken. Was 360g for £2.00. Now 340g for £2.00
  • Asda
    Bernard Matthews Turkey Ham. Was 340g for £2.66. Now 300g for £2.66.
    Fairy All in One Dishwasher Tablets. Was 28 tablets for £5.00. Now 26 tablets for £5.00
    Pampers Baby-Dry nappies. Was 32 nappies for £6.48. Now 30 nappies for £6.48.

They’ll get you one way or the other, it seems.

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