The recent unprecedented rise in the cost of postage has hit businesses hard, but pensioners and other vulnerable groups even harder, courtesy of the industry lapdog, Ofcom.

Those buying second-class stamps now have to pay 50 pence each for them, a rise of 39% from the previous 36 pence. Those with franking machines now pay a minimum second-class rate of 31 pence, up 11% from 28 pence.

Naturally most are aware that the billions of extra profit generated will be spent on improvements to the service, and certainly not on much more generous salaries, expenses and pensions for Royal Mail senior management, perish the thought.

Those that are not could be wondering if the huge price gap now yawning between franked and stamped mail doesn’t open up a market for selling a franked mail service to those who now have to pay through the nose for stamps. Our libraries, for instance, hit by the same e-revolution that has decreased postal demand, might be able to raise some much-needed revenue in this way, while providing a valuable service for local people bringing in their mail to be franked. Just a thought……….

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