Enough UK business types are still gullible enough to make the advance fee frauds worth chancing, it seems.

An example is the letter recently received from someone calling himself Thwaite Ho, from China. Our Thwaite claims to be to be a private investment manager managing the 17.5 million dollar estate of a deceased chap with the same family name as the recipients of his letter, and generously offers to share the money, urging that he be contacted soonest via his fax number or email address.

Of course anyone with more than one brain cell will know that the next stages are that Thwaite and his gang demand increasing amounts of fees for bank costs, legal costs and any others they can think up, prior to requesting details of their victim’s bank account – to pay millions of dollars into of course – and then obligingly emptying it.

Sadly, as Thwaite and our Fraud Squad know, greed will suck a proportion of our business population into this one.

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