A charity worker who stole a total of £2,127 over two years from the Cancer Research shop where she worked was caught and convicted when police found her diary, in which she had detailed her thefts.

Susan Barcock, 52, of Warrington, Cheshire had her house searched by police looking for evidence of her theft of £6,356 from a 78 year-old widow suffering from dementia. Police found her diary, which contained such entries as: “I was in charge at C Shop and it was a good day for me £91 Oh yes” and “Bloody good day at shop £213. Man brought bag of coins in – £75 for shop £35 for me, well I had to count it”.

Barcock was given a four month jail sentence, suspended for 12 months, a six month curfew order, a 12 month supervision order and an order to pay £250 compensation

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