The delightful Olympic sport of ambush marketing is under threat again as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) seeks to protect those who give large sums of money to sponsor the 2012 sporting fixture from those who didn’t. (Marketing)

The IOC’s wishes are being implemented by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which leaves out the Paralympics in its LOCOG abbreviation, and which will be monitoring the marketing of non-sponsor companies to detect possible secret ambush plans, though quite how it will do this is not known. (going through corporate dustbins, phone-tapping, employing corporate moles, sending in prostitutes of both genders to pick up pillow-talk, paying corporate whistle-blowers, intercepting mail and emails?)

One thing LOCOPOG will want to avoid a repetition of is the highly successful and much-admired ambush of last year’s FIFA World Cup when non-sponsor Dutch brewer Bavaria sent 36 young women dressed in its trademark orange to a Holland match and thereby upsetting American brewer and sponsor Budweiser.

Meanwhile Marketing Matters can exclusively reveal that one major brand is having its logo printed on the backsides of thousands of young men and women who will be going commando and bending to expose themselves in a giant communal mooning at the agreed moment in the 2012 programme.

You read it here first.

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