Food producers, retailers and restaurants are taking advantage of the fact that there is no agreed definition of the word “local” – an aspect that is increasingly sought by shoppers and diners – and labelling Danish ham as from Devon, Scottish butter and French brie as from Somerset and New Zealand lamb as from Wales, a government survey of 558 products has found.

In up to a third of cases the “local” claim was found to be false, or potentially false.

It has also been established that most of the World’s most expensive spice, saffron, exported from Spain is inferior product imported from Iran, and re-labelled as the prized “Spanish” in origin. Much of it is adulterated with other parts of the crocus flower, rather than just the stamens, or with parts of other flowers, threads of dried meat or coloured gelatine, syrup and oils, to add weight. (Spain Gourmetour)

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