Now an official new word in the Oxford Dictionary of English, the staycation – taking a holiday in one’s own country – remains a popular choice for many of us currently regarding overseas travel as an expensive and tedious experience. According to VisitEngland almost half the population expect to take more domestic breaks than they did in the past.

Meanwhile a survey for Post Office Travel Insurance has found that, in these challenging economic times, two-thirds of British families would consider a sharecation, a holiday with friends, to save money, although a major concern for many is the likely behaviour of their own and/or their friends’ children.

Rumours that new variations on the above soon to emerge will be the praycation,(religious retreat) the greycation, (senior holiday ) the gaycation, (alternative lifestyle) and the laycation,(lazy option, of course) should, in our view be discounted as downright silly.

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