The naff and misleading marketing con of sending out a fake editorial with a fake personalised stick-on note is still finding favour.

The latest tosh to hit our desk was the usual advert masquerading as editorial for a “leading authority on entrepreeurial success”, who was flogging his CD’s on the subject. The advert, presented to look as if it had been torn out of a newspaper came in a fake hand-written white envelope and had a fake hand-written stick-on note attached which proclaimed, in this case, “Peter, I saw this and thought of you. This guy is brilliant. Have a look at his website. J”

We do wonder, in the absence of any other logical reason, if our self-styled “leading authority” is compiling a lucrative list of mugs stupid enough to respond to this, to be sold to those nice people running Nigerian advance fee frauds. If so we should be told.

Note. The above business expert Chris Cardell was warned in April this year about his misleading approach by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

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