Retailer Brighthouse, which makes its money selling aspirational products to credit-impaired households at an annual rate of interest of 29.9% over three years has been criticised by charity Credit Action.

A wide-screen TV at £1650 would end up costing £3650 at Brighthouse, an item many would argue that the poor households, on an income of £20,000 pa or less and Brighthouse’s target market, should not be encouraged to buy. Credit Action say that such customers should not go to Brighthouse but should save to buy over a longer period. There is also the argument that such purchases at this price level are, in any case, irresponsible, particularly given the price of under £100 for new TVs bought in supermarkets.

In a recent piece in the Daily Telegraph Credit Action admitted that Brighthouse customers liked the fact that they could purchase products beyond their means.

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