A recent piece in the Sunday Telegraph featured people who had totally changed their lives and included a top charity executive who is now a shepherdess.

Beate Kubitz was a £25,000 a year high-flier with Mental Health Media in London, a job she was apparently very good at.  However she found this was not the same as having a real passion for something.  Kubitz, a philosophy graduate, also found that city life delivered a range of “life destroying emotions such as anxiety about social hierarchy, envy and pride” as well as “using my car too much and buying too much packaged food to save time”.

Now Kubitz lives in a barn in West Yorkshire and earns up to £10,000 a year looking after a flock of 70 sheep as well as running an ethical knitwear company.  She says, philosophically “We all live on this spinning globe and we are just tiny little points on it, and every day here I feel I actually know where I am with the world.  I can see the seasons passing and the lambs being born”.

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