Men give more to charity when with women they find attractive than on their own, or with other men, according to research carried out by Oxford University and the University of Kent.

The researchers gave 45 men and 45 women the chance to win £24 in a simple game and then the opportunity to give a proportion to charity. Men gave 40% when on their own, or with other men but increased this to a minimum of 50% and a maximum of 100% when with a woman they deemed attractive. Women, on the other hand gave 40% whatever the circumstances.

It is not known whether the tests included the giving habits of men with men they found attractive, or women with women they found attractive.

The extra generosity of the men has been interpreted by the researchers as a “mating signal” and that women are attracted to generous men.

Perhaps, on this basis generous men are attracted to thrifty women? We should all be told ….

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