Charity Age Concern is taking a test case to the European Court of Justice this month that would, if they are successful, allow workers to demand the right to continue in their jobs past the age of 65.

According to Emma Soames, editor-at-large of Saga magazine writing in the Daily Telegraph there are currently 1.3 million men and women working past retirement age, for a number of reasons. These include economic necessity – the current pension of £90 a week for a single person looks increasingly pathetic alongside current price increases, as do the very low annuity rates paid out on private pensions – as well as wanting to continue working with friends and colleagues doing something more pleasurable than sitting at home and contemplating years of daytime TV.

Apparently employers are, according to Ms Soames, coming to like older workers who don’t take unexpected days off sick, are less excitable, are more dependable and, not to be sneezed at, are less likely to be after the boss’s job.

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