Those wanting to make donations to charity by buying charity Christmas cards should avoid purchasing them from Harrods, Boots, Marks and Spencer, Next or Cards Galore.

This is the suggestion from a survey of stores selling charity cards by the Consumers Association now called Which? This found that the cards sold by the above gave a miserly percentage of the retail cost to the charity, commonly less than 10%. Worst was Harrods, owned by the very rich Mohammed Fayed which gave a range of 4-10%.

The table published by Which? appears below.

Examples of Donations from Cards

  • Name: Number of charity packs; Range of donations (%)
  • HARRODS: 23; 4 -10
  • JOHN LEWIS: 38; 4.4 – 34.6
  • CARDS GALORE: 7; 5.3 – 10
  • NEXT: 7; 6.3 – 13
  • BOOTS: 5; 10
  • M & S: 1; 10
  • PAPERCHASE: 9; 10 – 20
  • DEBENHAMS: 3; 16.5
  • CLINTON CARDS: 4; 21
  • WATERSTONE’S: 2; 50

Based on one store visit. Latest figures available on 2 November

Which? advises those who like to see most of the money they spend reach their charity of choice to buy their cards directly from charities’ websites or from charity shops.

Those who want to do even more can, of course, make their own cards, or send an e-mail instead and donate all the money saved.

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