The wisdom of charities in their choice of celebrities for promoting their causes continues to be questioned in the press.

A recent Daily Telegraph interview with model Naomi Campbell, who is lending her support to the Rotary Club of Great Britain’s July flood disaster appeal at British Fashion Week, suggested that her enthusiasm for the project is superficial. The journalist, Neil Tweedie found her “almost comatose with boredom” when talking in a “slow, world-weary faux Manhattan drawl” (Ms Campbell is from downtown Streatham) abort the way the images of the floods had affected her. Also commented on were her plans for caringly investing some of her money in Africa – “Naomi really does care about Africa. So much so that she’s helping to relieve poverty in Kenya, where wages can be 30p a day by joining with Brictore (Flavio Britore, current Formula One boss) to build a luxury hotel and spa near the coastal resort of Malindi. Environmentalists have claimed that the development, subtly named Billionaires Resort will harm the habitat of rare species of turtle”.

The same charity event at London Fashion Week also saw model Jodie Kidd pulling out after allegations that she had obtained cocaine from a dealer in Windsor for undercover reporters were published in the News of the World.

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